Complete Report Accuracy.

You are responsible for the correctness of the SAP BW / HANA reports, but you always experience report errors. Despite the high manual testing effort, you can never give a statement about the report correctness. With our automatic component tests you will get a complete and automatic validation of your SAP BW / HANA based reports.

From Now On Stress-free. Accurate. Automated.

  • You want to get away from annoying manual testing efforts towards a complete and automatic validation of your report numbers, but you have no adequate tools to ensure this every month.
  • Your goal is to provide reports of the highest quality every period and avoid the stress of calculation errors.
  • If you do nothing, you will never deliver correct numbers and continue to sleep poorly as the board could call at any time.
Manual Testing

You Deserve The Best Solution.

We are the leading experts for test automation of SAP BW / HANA calculations. With our globally unique test approach, we prove the correctness of the reports numbers completely and fully automatically, because you deserve a 100% validation of your reports, at any time.

Automatic & Fast

xGile tests are fully automatic regression tests at component level. They can be executed in parallel as often as required. The testing takes already place on the development system. That's the fastest possible testing for any SAP BW / HANA calculation.

100% Validation Of Your Reports

With the component testing you can achieve a 100% validation of all reports calculations. Using xGile, component tests can be created for all SAP BW / HANA calculation objects (BEx query, transformations, calculation views, procedures, table functions, ...). The test cases are basically created by the development team.

Simplest Usage

Everyone can test, without technical knowledge and without programming using an uniform Web UI. Test cases are created in seconds and the fully automatic execution of all tests is just a click away. All test cases are created in the development system during the development of the report calculations.

xGile Demo.

This example shows you how easy it is to create automatic regression tests for every requirement.

Component Testing
The Most Powerful Test Approach.

Leave the problems of manual testing or solely E2E GUI testing behind and validate your SAP BW & HANA objects primarily at component level, as recommended in the well known architecture pattern of the test pyramid. It has never been so easy to run component tests with SAP and get Scrum and DevOps ready.

The New Way To Work
For More Quality. More Speed. More Agility.

With xGile, all functional requirements become automatic tests. Because it is usually the business that defines the requirements it finally must approve them. Using the Test Portal, IT and business can seamlessly define and test requirements together. Thus, the department actively participates in quality assurance during the requirements. Approvals are not only automated, but trust in the quality of developments is strengthened on both sides. All of this is already happening in the development system. A unique speed and quality advantage that can only be accomplished through component testing.

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Manual Testing

3 Steps To Complete Report Accuracy.

Roadmap of automatic testing

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