Your Benefits with xGile

  • Save money

    Test efforts take minimum 40% of your total development spendings. xGile can reduce the test efforts by 25%.

  • Deliver 100% quality to the business

    Automated Unit Tests are the fastest and most cost effcient testing pattern. Hence, you can instantly run all tests before and after every change and all shipments. Found errors will not reoccure again. That's real safetynet.

  • Be audit save

    Test results get synchronized with your favorite requirements solution. Leave the paper work behind, release new potentials and become easily audit save.

  • Stay agile

    Having no test debts is a necessity to stay agile. xGile reduces your debts for manual testing to an absolute minimum. It is the only way to enable Testing in DevOps with SAP.

Get Automated Unit Tests without writing any line of code

With xGile you can create AUTs via a simple UI for all types of SAP objects. That's why it is easy, fast and feasible for anybody. Enable the business user to join you in your testings.

A Customer Voice

“With xGile we‘ve accelerated our development cycles and truly went one step further ahead to be agile. We are now able to test our business logic fully automated in unit sizes among the whole BW on HANA stack. During the test design, creation, execution and maintenance the business user is actively collaborating via the simple UI approach of xGile. As a result our costs decreased while confidence and the quality of our performance increased.”

André Heinle

Team Leader Information Management

PERI GmbH, Germany

Supported Technologies


Calculation Views,


BEx Queries,


CDS Views,





Requirements Integration

Atlassian JIRA

Calculate Your Savings with xGile

Testing takes almost the same time as coding. With xGile these efforts get reduced by 25 %. You can easily calculate your anual savings for the next 5 years by entering the number of your developers below:

Optimize Your Test Strategy

xGile enables you to use the lower level of the well known Test Pyramide where most of the testing shall be done.

Reduce your testing costs sustainably and request a